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Centre Faculty

Guillaume Bourque
Professor, Human Genetics
Ken Dewar
Associate Professor, Human Genetics
Simon Gravel
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
Yann Joly
Associate Professor, Human Genetics
David Juncker
Professor, Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Bartha Knoppers
Director, Centre of Genomics and Policy, and Professor, Human Genetics
David Langlais
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics, Microbiology & Immunology
Mark Lathrop
Scientific Director, Professor, Human Genetics
Jacek Majewski
Associate Professor, Human Genetics
Vincent Mooser
Canada Excellence Research Chair in Genomic Medicine, Professor, Human Genetics
Robert Nadon
Associate Professor, Human Genetics
Hamed Najafabadi
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
Ioannis Ragoussis
Professor, Human Genetics
Yasser Riazalhosseini
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
Jesse Shapiro
Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Adjunct Members

Marc Dumas
Professor, Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction, Imperial College London
Dominique Gauguier
Director of Research, INSERM, Paris, France
Elin Grundberg
Associate Professor, Pediatrics, U of Missouri
Jemma Hopewell
Associate Professor & Senior Scientist, Genetic Epidemiology and Clinical Trials, University of Oxford
Atsuko Imai-Okazaki
Division Head, Genomic Medicine Research, Medical Genomics Center, National Center For Global Health And Medicine, Japan
Kimia Kahrizi
Professor, Pediatrics And Clinical Genetics, Genetics Research Center, University Of Social Welfare And Rehabilitation Sciences, Iran
Tomi Pastinen
Director, Genomic Medicine Center; Professor of Pediatrics, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine; Research Professor of Cancer Biology, University of Kansas School of Medicine
Anavaj Sakuntabhai
Head, Functional Genetics of Infectious Diseases, Pasteur Institute