Patient Sequencing

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One of the primary goals of the McGill Genome Centre will be to sequence the genomes of over 10,000 Canadians affected by COVID-19. Through the newly launched Canadian COVID Genomics Network (CanCOGen), we are partnering with CGEn to execute the Host Genome Sequencing Initiative. This is complimentary with the Quebec COVID-19 Biobank initiative, where we will be sequencing thousands of affected patients within the province of Quebec. Identifying small differences between affected individuals could account for why certain people fall victim to this disease more severely than others. Understanding this can help identify people at highest risk for COVID-19, prioritize their care, and identify pathways to treat the disease. The results of this study will also help Canada prepare itself for future pandemics

The Centre is currently ramping up its internal operations to undertake this study, and is positioning itself with provincial, national and international research initiatives to rapidly advance our understanding of COVID-19.

Please follow this page for new developments as they come along.