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Under the auspices of our platform termed the McGill Applied Genomics Innovation Core (MAGIC), the McGill Genome Centre houses state-of-the-art equipment and multidisciplinary expertise to produce, manage and interpret large amounts of genomics data generated at low cost and with high quality.

Our supporting infrastructure includes latest sequencers from Illumina, MGI, Pacific Biosciences, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, and Life Technologies. All sequencers are supported by process automation. Most of the current commonly employed Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) assay protocols have been introduced into the production pipelines including ChIPseq, RNAseq, Exome-seq, WGS, WGBS, and other epigenomic protocols. Standard operating procedures have been defined for all experimental steps and workflows are LIMS-controlled.

Single cell genomics technologies are available through the Advanced Genomic Technologies Laboratory. Reading the genetic information of each cell and how it’s transcribed allows us to analyze tissues and organisms at unprecedented resolution, achieve major advances in understanding disease processes, and develop therapeutics.

With complementary mandates from Genome Canada (supported through the Genome Technology Platform*) and the Canada Foundation for Innovation (supported through the Major Science Initiative program as a founding member of CGEn**), the McGill Genome Centre supports projects from a wide range of investigators from McGill, elsewhere in Québec and beyond.

Please feel free to contact us at pm.genome@mcgill.ca for any of your genomics needs.

Application AreaActivityPlatform
Next generation sequencingWhole genomeIllumina HiSeq X
Illumina NovaSeq 6000
Exome captureIllumina NovaSeq 6000
MetagenomicsIllumina iSeq
Illumina MiSeq
Illumina NovaSeq 6000
Small genomesPacBio Sequel
Single molecule sequencingPacBio Sequel
Functional genomics & epigenomicsmiRNA-seqIllumina NovaSeq 6000
RNA-seqIllumina NovaSeq 6000
MeDIP-seq, MethylC-seqIllumina NovaSeq 6000
ChIP-seq, ChIPmentationIllumina NovaSeq 6000
ATAC-seqIllumina NovaSeq 6000
Whole genome bisulfite sequencingIllumina HiSeq X
Illumina NovaSeq 6000
Expression arraysAffymetrix GeneTitan
High throughput genotypingWhole genome SNP arraysAffymetrix GeneChip
Affymetrix GeneTitan
Illumina Infinium 
Validation studiesAmplicon sequencingIllumina MiSeq
ThermoFisher Ion Torrent
SNP genotypingThermoFisher Taqman
Fluidigm SNP Type
IDT rhAmpSeq
qPCRRoche LightCycler 480 II
Single cell applications10x Genomics single cell applicationsIllumina NovaSeq 6000
Smartseq2 single cell RNAseqIllumina NovaSeq 6000
Advanced applications10x Genomics linked readsIllumina NovaSeq 6000
Hi-C methods for genome assemblyIllumina NovaSeq 6000
Chromatin conformation analysisIllumina NovaSeq 6000
MGI sequencing technologyMGI DNBSEQ-G400
Nanopore sequencing technologyOxford Nanopore PromethION
OtherNucleic acid extractionManual, PerkinElmer chemagic

* The Genome Technology Platform program from Genome Canada provide researchers across Canada and internationally with access to leading-edge technologies used in genomics, metabolomics, proteomics and other related areas of research. The platforms develop new and improved technologies to support cutting-edge genomics research that improves the lives of Canadians.

** CGEn is a federally funded national platform for genome sequencing and analysis. Established in 2014, CGEn employs over 200 staff, and is funded primarily by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) through its Major Science Initiatives Fund (MSI), leveraging investments from Genome Canada and other stakeholders. CGEn operates as an integrated national platform with nodes at the McGill Genome Centre, as well as in Toronto (The Centre for Applied Genomics at The Hospital for Sick Children), and Vancouver (Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre), providing genomic services, including genome sequencing and analysis, that enable research in agriculture, forestry, fishery, the environment, health sciences, and many other disciplines of interest to Canadians.