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The Centre was founded in 2002 to advance genomics in medical research through its research programs and other major initiatives. We provide a cutting-edge integrated research environment that harnesses the most recent advances in genomics and other areas of large-scale biology, with quantitative methodology and computational analysis for breakthroughs in medical and life sciences research.Our principal missions are:

  • Research in the areas of genomics and quantitative analysis to understand the causes and cures of human disease.
  • Support the broader scientific community through our core platforms, which comprise large-scale sequencing, computational and other technologies.
  • Provide advanced training for scientists and clinicians in new methodologies for generating and analysing massive biological datasets.

Currently, we house more than 215 faculty members, other staff and students who work on independent research projects or help to operate our platforms. Together, we participate in a wide variety of internal, collaborative and external projects. With cutting edge technology and computational platforms providing a foundation, research excellence and improving health serves as our motivation.