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The McGill Genome Centre houses state-of-the-art equipment and multidisciplinary expertise in molecular biology, genetics, epigenomics, biostatistics, population genomics, bioinformatics and other areas that are required to design genomic studies, and to produce, manage and interpret large amounts of biological data generated at low cost and with high quality.

Our supporting infrastructure includes latest sequencers from Illumina, MGI, Pacific Biosciences, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, and Life Technologies. All sequencers are supported by process automation. Most of the current commonly employed Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) assay protocols have been introduced into the production pipelines including ChIPseq, RNAseq, Exome-seq, WGS, WGBS, and other epigenomic protocols. Standard operating procedures have been defined for all experimental steps and workflows are LIMS-controlled.

We are mandated to provide support for projects arising from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) / Major Science Initiative (MSI) / CGEn and the Genome Canada / Genomics Technology Platform.

The McGill Genome Centre is also here to support projects from external users. Please feel free to contact us for any of your genomics needs (shown in table below).


Application AreaActivityPlatform
Next generation sequencingWhole genomeHiSeq X / NovaSeq 6000
Exome captureNovaSeq 6000
Targeted regional sequencingNovaSeq 6000
MetagenomicsiSeq / MiSeq / NovaSeq 6000
Small genomesPacBio Sequel
Single molecule sequencingPacBio Sequel
Functional genomics & epigenomicsmiRNA-seqNovaSeq 6000
RNA-seqNovaSeq 6000
MeDIP-seq, MethylC-seqNovaSeq 6000
ChIP-seq, ChIPmentationNovaSeq 6000
ATAC-seqNovaSeq 6000
Whole genome bisulfite sequencingHiSeq X / NovaSeq 6000
Expression arraysAffymetrix GeneTitan
High throughput genotypingWhole genome SNP arraysAffymetrix GeneChip, GeneTitan 
Validation studiesAmplicon sequencingMiSeq / Ion Torrent
SNP genotypingTaqman / Fluidigm SNP Type / IDT rhAmp SNP & rhAmpSeq
qPCRRoche LightCycler 480 II
Single cell applications10x Genomics single cell applicationsNovaSeq 6000 / DNBSEQ-G400
Smartseq2 single cell RNAseqNovaSeq 6000
Advanced applications10x Genomics linked readsNovaSeq 6000
Hi-C methods for genome assembly or chromatin conformation analysisHiSeq X / NovaSeq 6000
MGI sequencing technologyDNBSEQ-G400 (previously known as MGISEQ RS2000)
Nanopore sequencing technologyOxford Nanopore PromethION
OtherNucleic acid extractionManual, PerkinElmer chemagic